My name is Annette Rohde. I am an artist, a visual communications, branding and change strategist with a passion for food, art, wellness, writing and reading. I’m also a dreamer with a plan. I live in Aldinga Beach, South Australia on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula. I have always wanted to be a writer, amongst other things.

My day job is working at Fresh Ginger where I have three different focuses:

  • a marketing communications, branding and change management consultancy
  • facilitating creative and business workshops in my home studio, the Curiosity Cafe
  • my art practice in printmaking, ceramics and writing. 

My focus is visual communication, specifically graphic design, illustration and printmaking. My aim is to impact community health and wellbeing utilising my strategic and visual communications skills and knowledge of health and wellness. To do this I focus on purpose, strategy, brand identity and values, storytelling, narrative development, publication design/production and customer journey, working to help local small businesses to stand out.

In my creative practice I focus on printmaking, ceramics and storytelling. A lover of things made by hand and inspired by all living things, each piece hold a story from the world around me. Using clay, ink, cotton rag paper and inspired by people’s stories and nature they have a tactility that pull at our heart threads. I aim to make things that are a pleasure to hold and inspire conversations.

My home studio is called the ‘Curiosity Café’. It’s not your usual café but a creative hub, to explore your creativity, be inspired, and connect with a community of local artists and curious creatives.

The Curiosity Café is where people can be inspired, connect to community, share stories, explore their creativity and build their sense of belonging and worthiness through a range of creative workshops and events. Through creative play and shared stories, the aim is to inspire, connect and build a sense of belonging and worthiness. It is a place to feed the soul, rejuvenate the senses and regain their sense of belonging and worthiness. At the Curiosity Café, you are worthy, you are valuable to the community, your individuality is what makes you you.

The space is open for creative connections open days where people can bring along their own art or craft projects to let go of their busy lives and just be over a cuppa and conversation.

My aim is to follow my heart. While there are a few things on the ‘want to do’ list I like to show the ‘what I’ve done’ list. For this blog, I post about things that inspire me whether it be travel, food, art, day to day activities or other projects. I hope you find something you can relate to.

You can find out more about me on

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